Colorado Cattle Company Guest Ranch
Colorado Cattle Company Guest Ranch
Colorado Cattle Company Guest Ranch
Colorado Cattle Company Guest Ranch
Colorado Cattle Company Guest Ranch

Dreaming of Being a Cowboy at a Colorado Dude Ranch? Let Us Make Your Dreams Come True...

Colorado cattle Company has the largest herd of riding horses in Colorado, and we can certainly match your riding ability to the right mount. Every day, our full time professional wranglers are ready to treat you to the best in western riding.

Colorado Cattle Company – “Where our Guests are the Cowboys.” We welcome all types of Cowboys and Cowgirls, from the timid beginners to the fearless veterans. We offer multiple levels of riding experiences, so fear not, we will cater to your skill and comfort level. We have over 80 extremely well trained and well mannered quarter horses. Some are quiet for the beginners, others are more highly spirited for the experienced riders. Our instructors are professional cowboys. Our wrangler ratio to guest is about 5 - 1, so you can count on a very personal experience. We are not a nose to trail ride, expect a variety of rides and scenery during your stay.  We will have any rider "roping live steers from horseback" in one week, if that is what you wish.  Every guest has the opportunity to tell us what their personal wish is, and we then work on that to make sure that wish comes true.  Let us fulfill your personal desires and have the vacation of a lifetime!

"The Colorado Cattle Company is the real deal for the top ranch vacations!



If you want to experience being a real cowboy you must go to the Colorado Cattle Company.  I did extensive research on cattle ranches before I decided on the Colorado Cattle Company and have been going every year since 2009.  For the person who wants a life changing adventure at a real cattle ranch, there is no other ranch like the Colorado Cattle Company. Here are the reasons why:  First of all,it is a working ranch. Guests are encouraged to work with the wranglers in all jobs involved in operating a ranch.  While the work is not mandatory and you can simply opt out and relax, the cowboy work is strongly encouraged. This is not a commercial ranch.  You must be 18 years old to work at the ranch and the guest size is limited to about 12 guests so the size of the working party is manageable and safe.  The owners, Tom and Darcy, are the most friendly and professional people you could ever know.  While you are there, the ranch is your home.  The wranglers are professionals and have years of real cowboy experience.  I would strongly recommend going to the Colorado Cattle Company if you want to experience working on a real cattle ranch and seeing what it is like to be a real cowboy."


Thanks Tom and Darcy,

Mike (A real cowboy and guest)



Cattle Country

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Head on out to Colorado and the Wild Wild West to experience life on a real cattle ranch. Fulfill your cowboy dream, come live the life and experience the magic! At our ranch you have the opportunity to become a cowboy in a true western adventure, much like the movie City Slickers. In fact, Fox chose Colorado Cattle Company to appear in the featurette that is on the new City Slickers DVD released in June of 2008 since we are exactly the type of vacation guest ranch they portray in the movie.

Colorado Dude RanchWe don’t just recreate cowboy life, we live it! Saddle up and ride with us for the cowboy adventure of a lifetime. Our string of extremely well trained and well mannered quarter horses are available for you to ride over varying terrain at all speeds doing real cowboy work; no ‘head to tail’ trail riding here. During our Cowboy Adventure weeks you can ride the range all day then grab a cold one, relax and swap wild west stories with the other cowboys. Fulfill your cowboy fantasy and experience ranch life much like in the western movies you enjoy.

Our cattle ranch covers thousands and thousands of deeded acres of prime ranch land where we care for 800 head of cattle every summer. The ranch owns about 70-75 well bred and highly trained quarter type horses, most registered in the AQHA or APHA. Each horse is selected for good bloodlines, great training and sensible attitude. They are trained to rope on, work cattle on and carry guests through our daily ranch routine. Some are quiet for beginners, others are more highly strung for experienced guests and every one is trained to be responsive, neck rein and work cattle.

We are not a typical dude ranch or guest ranch resort, but are a real working cattle ranch in full operation. Expect the unexpected here, a sudden storm may have us all out gathering cattle or dry weather may make a cattle drive necessary. If you want to experience a real western cattle ranch, ride fabulous horses yet get the creature comforts you are used to; our ranch is the place for you.

Colorado Dude RanchAt Colorado Cattle Company you get the best of both worlds; transform into a cowboy for the week as you assist us gathering cattle off the range, doctoring sicks, cattle drives, branding calves, checking water, salt and fences – around 50 hours of horseback riding each week! Then enjoy all the creature comforts you like when on vacation such as a weekly massage, heated indoor swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, stocked bar, great ranch type food and immaculately clean log cabin accommodations with private bathrooms and entrances.

Years ago we realized that many people would love to fulfill their cowboy dream if it were possible to do so in a safe environment where their dream would be taken seriously and be obtainable with a reputable cattle drive company. A place where they don’t make fools of themselves or get injured due to incorrect or insufficient instruction, but instead learn the skills needed to fulfill their cowboy fantasy. We have refined our cowboy adventure type holiday to meet this criteria. Information on our weekly schedule, the history of the ranch, current ‘in the news’ events taking place at Colorado Cattle Company as well as pricing and reservation information are all available here on the web site. Click through to see our lodging, learn about a typical day or find out what is going on during the different seasons so that you can pick just the right time of year to fulfill your cowboy dream!



Experience A Dude Ranch Vacation
Choosing the excellent destination for a family members vacation can be difficult. Many people find it difficult selecting an area that appeals to every member of the family. For those finding an inexpensive however fun getaway, a dude ranch vacation in Colorado might be the ideal remedy. Vacationing at a dude ranch supplies the greatest outside experience. Anybody which enjoys remaining active outdoors will certainly be satisfied with what this sort of vacation has to offer. Activities are appropriate for folks of all ages, consisting of horseback riding, wildlife viewing, and hiking. Spending time in the outdoors is the suitable stress reliever. Friends and families can forget job commitments momentarily and re-energize their batteries. A ranch vacation offers a peaceful area to relax and re-energize the batteries. People that take some time away find that they are much more productive when they go back to work because they feel renewed and relaxed. Some gain a brand-new standpoint on life after figuring out firsthand what it is like to live far away from the large city.


Colorado Dude Ranch

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